What are the Benefits of Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance?

As summer approaches, Opelika AL homeowners are scheduling their annual air conditioner maintenance appointments to make sure their AC systems are ready for the heat. If you are not having your AC system regularly maintained, you are not reaping the benefits of preventative AC maintenance. Just like your vehicle, your HVAC system needs to be inspected and tuned each year.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

The benefits of preventative maintenance include:

Improved Energy Efficiency
Annual preventative maintenance enables your system to use energy more efficiently. System maintenance includes cleaning the cooling coils, blades and other components. Clean cooling coils generate cool air more efficiently. The system uses less energy to produce cool air, costing you less to operate the unit. 

Extends Equipment Life
Regular maintenance will keep your system running well over its entire lifecycle. Many HVAC professionals report that one of the main reasons that HVAC systems fail before the end of their estimated lifecycle is because of lack of maintenance. Maintain your system each year and your system will maintain your comfort for years to come.

Improves Air Quality
As you use your air conditioning system over the season, dirt and debris collect inside the cages and components of the unit. These particulates can be released into the air inside your home, degrading the quality of the indoor air. When you have routine maintenance performed, the technician cleans the dirt and debris so that the particulates do not pollute the indoor air.

Fewer Costly Repairs
When you have your heating system and air conditioner regularly maintained, you reduce the chances that you will face a costly emergency repair in the future. An inspection of your equipment is included in every maintenance inspection. The technician checks for damaged or worn parts and will notify you of any need for a part replacement. You can replace the part to prevent further damage and avoid a possible emergency service call.

Cleaning and maintenance will also extend the life of your compressor. The compressor is a major component of the system and can be a very costly repair. With heavy use, dirt and film collect on the cleaning coils. Dirty cleaning coils cause the compressor to work harder to compress the refrigerant. By having the coils cleaned during annual air conditioner maintenance, you can reduce the demand on the compressor and avoid a major repair.

Alabama Air Conditioning

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